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Backuptrans Android Contacts Backup & Restore offers a perfect solution for all Android users to backup, restore and manage Android Contacts. It's convenient and safe. It not only supports Android Contacts to computer backup & export, but also enables users to restore contacts backup from computer database to Android.

Operating system - Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT.
Some Android devices require USB driver software to be installed on Windows in order to connect to a PC properly. Contact the manufacturer of your device, if the driver software is not automatically installed by Windows.
Printer must be connected to the computer for printing.

How-tos and Troubleshooting

* What are the limitations of the trial version?

You can only backup, restore, export or print 20 messages for your iPhone. After you pay the product, we will provide registration code to remove the limitation.

* How to register the software?

After you purchase the software successfully, you will receive registration information via Email within one business day. Run the software and or computer then click "Registration" button in top toorbar, enter your user name and license code in the corresponding box to finish the registration.
Note: since the license code is letter-sensitive, please COPY and PASTE the code. And don't add any blank before or after it.

* Why the software could not find my Android connected?

Please ensure that you have a device connected, and the device has USB debugging enabled. You can refer to this tutorial on How to enable USB debugging on Android.

Some Android devices require USB driver software to be installed on Windows in order to connect to a PC properly. Please read more detail about how to install USB driver software on computer.

* How to backup Android Contacts?

* How to restore Android Contacts from backup?

* How to Export Android Contacts to CSV, vCard, HTML, PDF file?

* How to print Android Contacts from PC directly?

* How to Add, Edit, Delete Android Contacts?

* How to transfer contacts between Android Phones?

* Where is my Contacts backup file?

Please run the software then go File -> Open Database Folder. You will find all your backup files there. It is recommended that users also keep a copy of these backup files in another folder on your computer.

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