How to restore Android Contacts from backup on PC?

Dec. 31th,2022 Posted by Allen Lee to Android Contacts Backup & Restore

If you need to restore contacts on Android phone, there are a few different methods you can try. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Check if your contacts are stored in your Google Account: If you use a Google Account with your Android phone, your contacts are likely synced to your Google Contacts. To check, go to the Google Contacts website and sign in with your Google Account. If your contacts are there, you can simply sync them back to your phone.

2. Use a local backup: If you've created a local backup of your contacts, you can restore them by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Tap "System," then "Backup."
  • Tap "Restore data" and select the backup file containing your contacts.
  • Select "Contacts" and tap "Restore."

Remember to always use caution when restoring contacts, as you may end up overwriting any new contacts you've added since the backup was created. It's a good idea to create a new backup of your current contacts before restoring an older backup, just in case. Backuptrans Android Contacts Backup & Restore is a smart contacts backup program that can backup contacts from android into your computer. Then you can restore the contacts back to your android phone any time you want. What's more, all the new and old contacts will be merged perfectly on Android when usinng Backuptrans software to restore contacts. The following article will show you how to restore contacts to Android from backup on computer step by step:

Step1: Install the software on computer and run it
Run Backuptrans Android Contacts Backup & Restore and connect Android to computer with USB cable. Then our software will automatically read all contacts from your Android and show them on its main interface:

Tip: If the software could not find your Android connected, please ensure the device has USB debugging enabled first. Some Android devices require USB driver software to be installed on Windows in order to connect to a PC properly. Please refer HERE for more info.

Step2-A: Restore all Android Contacts from backup
1) Click the Android in Devices list.
2) Turn to top toolbar and press "Restore Contacts" button or go File -> Restore Contacts to Android.

    Tip: Or you can right click the Android in Devices list and then choose "Restore Contacts to Android".

Step2-B: Restore selected Android Contacts from Backup
1) Check the contacts in the contacts list on main interface.
2) Turn to top toolbar and press "Restore Contacts" button or go File -> Restore Contacts to Android.

    Tip: Or you can right click contacts and then choose "Restore Selected Contacts to Android ".

Step3: Choose an Android
Select a Android that you want to restore contacts to. Click Confirm to continue.

Restore successfully

How easy and fast! With Backuptans Android Contacts Backup & Restore, you can even restore Contacts from backup to a new Android phone. Free download the program to enjoy.

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