How to Search Facebook Chat Messages Easily

Sep. 8th, 2020 Posted by Allen Lee to Guides

If you want to see what your Facebook friends are up to, you can try the new "search Facebook messages" feature. It is a simple way to see exactly what your friends have been up to, and what they've posted. All you need to do is go to your Facebook account and then click on the "View" button. You will notice that your entire profile has been opened, and you will be able to find out anything you'd like to see in detail. For example, you may see if anyone posted anything about how much they're enjoying their vacation.

Search Messenger Messages work very similarly. One reason that you may need to do this is that many people find that there are certain aspects of social networking sites that they do enjoy. They love being able to use these sites to communicate with others. For example, if you have always wanted to know who your friends are talking to on their cell phones, you may want to look at the messages that they are sending out. It is also more convenient when sending group messages as well as hosting group meetings via Facebook Messenger. The following article shows you how to search Facebook Chat Messages easily step by step:

Method One: Search Facebook Messages Online

You need to go to your Facebook Messenger account and then click on the view button that appears, which looks like a list of small icons with a circle around it. Click on the small "Search" icon, and you will be prompted for a certain text you'd like to search through. Enter that text into the search box, and you'll get a list of different categories. If you're interested in particular people, check the list for a word you think describes them. When you've found a category, just click on it and look through the information that is displayed. There will be links to posts, photographs, and other details that will let you know how they're enjoying themselves.

This is just one way of how Search Facebook Messages can help you keep track of your friends. It's very convenient, especially if you have a lot of friends. You can find out what they're doing and find out how they're doing. They can even post a picture, or a short description, about how they're feeling about something if you'd rather have them post it for you. If you want to find out who's sending you private messages, you can try searching through the list. That way, you can see for yourself whether or not they're really who they say they are. Many people are using their cell phones as a mode of communication, and you might wonder why search Facebook messages on your cell phone If you are one of those people who are texting constantly, then you should try installing messenger on your cell phone so that you can search messenger messages more conveniently.

Method Two: Search Facebook Messages With Backuptrans

Another way to search Facebook chat messages is by using Backuptrans Facebook Messages Transfer. Backuptrans Facebook Messages Transfer is a smart Messenger chat messages management tool. It provides all needed solutions, including Facebook messages from Android to PC transfer, Facebook messages from iPhone to PC transfer, Downloading Facebook messages onto computer, printing Facebook messages on PC, and extracting attached photo/video files in Facebook Messenger onto your computer, etc. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Extract Messenger chat messages from Android Phone or iPhone into Backuptrans local database on computer. Or you can download chat messages from the Facebook server onto Backuptrans local database.

Step 2: Enter that text into the search box on Backuptrans software and you'll get the result.

Search Facebook Messages

Done! Moreover, you can even export the searched result messages to PDF, CSV, TXT, HTML, etc document files or print the messages out on computer easily with Backuptrasn Facebook Messages Transfer. Free download to try now.

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