How to Connect iPod iPhone iPad with iOS to Backuptrans Successfully

Get an error 'Failed to load (Apple Mobile Device) framework.'? You need to install/update the latest version(v12.1 or above) iTunes on your computer. The following tutorial will show you how to connect iPod iPhone iPad with iOS to Backuptrans Successfully.

Part One:
If you haven't installed iTunes on computer, please just download and install the latest version iTunes on computer.

You can download the latest version iTunes from the following link:

Part Two:
If you have installed iTunes on computer, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Temporarily shut down anti-virus and firewall software on comouter.

Step 2: Open Control Panel, Programs and Features (or Add and Remove Programs), and go to the uninstall section.

Step 3: Remove the following Apple products in this order:

1 Apple Software Update
2 Bonjour
3 iTunes
4 Apple Mobile Device Support
5 Apple Application Support(64-bit)
6 Apple Application Support(32-bit)

Step 4: Restart computer.

Step 5: Go to and download newest version of iTunes.
iTunes download link:

Step 6: Reinstall iTunes on computer.

Done! After install or reinstall iTunes on computer, you can connect your iOS device to Backuptrans software without error.

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