How To Sync Chats to Viber Desktop From Your Phone

Sep 14th, 2020 Posted by Allen Lee to Android iPhone Viber Transfer +

Want to backup Viber chat messages from Android Phone to computer? Or need to migrate chats from Android to an iPhone? Currently, Backuptrans software can directly load messages from an Android Phone to computer. Here we provide another method. You can even sync chat messages from Android Phone to Viber Desktop app on a computer first, then Backuptrans software can import and download chat messages from Viber Desktop on computer easily. The following is the tutorial:


1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Viber app on your phone
2. Download and install Viber Desktop on your computer(Microsoft Windows or Mac) for the first time, and open the app
3. Tap Sync on the sync popup when prompted
4. On your phone, tap Approve to allow your chat history to sync between your phone and desktop
5. Keep Viber open on your phone until the sync has completed
Note: You can only sync your chat history to desktop the first time you install the Viber desktop app.

What content is synced?

All content including text messages, images, calls, voice and video messages and media messages is transferred over when you sync your history.

Import Messages to BackupTrans

Now you can get chat messages from Viber Desktop on computer to Backuptrans local database. Just follow these steps:
1. Run Backuptrans software and then right-click the local database icon in the left panel
2. Choose "Import Messages from Viber Desktop" menu
3. Select your Viber account and then click "OK" button

After saving messages in Backuptrans local database, you can easily manage the chat messages on the computer or move the messages to an iPhone.

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