How to connect Android to Computer via WiFi for Data Transfer

Here is the guide on how to connect Android to computer via Wifi for data transfer using Backuptrans:

Step 1. Run Backuptrans Data Sync on Android phone

Run Backuprans Data Sync on Android phone and click Connection button to get the Wifi connection info.

Note: If you haven't installed Backuprans Data Sync on Android phone, please download the "Backuprans Data Sync" from the following link on your Android Phone to install.

Step 2. Run Backuptrans software on computer

Run the Backuptrans software on your computer and then click "Tools" -> "Connect Android Phone via WiFi".

Step 3. Enter your WiFi connection info

Input your WiFi connection info (got from Backuptrans Data Sync Connection on Step 1) into the text box and then click Connect button to start..


Now your Android phone is connected successfully with our software via WiFi.

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